Tea with Amanda

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What is tea with Amanda?

A cup of tea and a long chat. That’s good medicine for me, and it's something I want to share with you. Tea with Amanda is exactly that - a chance for me to sit with you and talk about what’s most present for you. Out of our conversation, we’ll identify your own herbal ally. 

My hope - and my passion - is to bring you together with the plant allies that will best support your wellness. I want you to feel comfortable and empowered when choosing herbs for yourself. In this act of finding your herbal ally, you will "meet" this herb, learn to recognise it and come to know how it interacts with you, so that you feel confident in turning to it again and again.

How can my herbal ally help me?

Your herbal ally is here to help you build and strengthen the foundational components of your life - sleep, immunity, mental integrity, digestion, physical endurance - these are all aspects of foundational wellness. Herbal allies can be a friend to turn to when you're looking to grow or manage this form of wellness.

How have I used herbs allies? 

I have many herbal allies now. I was introduced to oatstraw early in my herbalism journey. With the support of oatstraw I have balanced my frazzled nervous system and have greater access to my patience. This herb’s moistening qualities help nourish my dry constitution. Both of these components add vitality to my immune system. 

Rose is another ally of mine. This herb became an essential part of my daily routine. For years I turned to rose for its bitter and cooling properties to tone and clarify my skin, clear congestion from my liver and help me process deep anger. Now I enjoy rose for its simple beauty of supporting the energetics of my heart.

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We all need to talk,
to share what is going on in our lives
and to be fully heard.

I believe a person can find
the clarity and peace they seek
by having the space to
speak their mind and share their heart.

When we sit for tea,
you will receive friendly and compassionate space
to express what is most present for you.

I am honored to support you.